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A paging and intercom system is key to ensuring both efficient and effective communication with employees and customers within your business or organization. Professional design and installation of your system is not the only factor that can help you achieve this goal—creating a maintenance strategy is also crucial to preventing interruptions in your daily production.

At TSU-Inc., we have been assisting your neighboring businesses’ with their paging and intercom system needs for years. Our technicians have both the experience and expertise to create and maintain the best system for your company. We would love to design and install an intercom or paging system for your business!

Each company and building requires a uniquely designed paging and intercom system that meets all their communications needs. TSU, Inc. has the experience needed to design and install any sort of communications system that you may want—in any size, shape or environment.

Our trained staff are happy to provide you with a consultation so we can recommend a well-suited paging and intercom system for your building’s needs that fits your business’s budget.


It’s not too often that your systems will need maintenance. However, like anything else, they can be subject to vandalism, technical malfunction, or simply old age.

When these problems occur, call TSU-Inc.! Our technicians are fully qualified to service your existing systems and make sure you are not inconvenienced for any extended period of time.

Our team of technicians is responsive, professional, and manufacturer-trained to service a variety of different paging and intercom systems. We also have access to a full line of parts for any system that falls within TSU’s wide range of products.

All of these things give us a distinct advantage when performing maintenance for your paging and intercom systems.

Your typical paging and intercom system should not need to be serviced very often. When it does, the problem is usually with one of the following aspects of your system:

  • Internal control components
  • Speakers
  • Call stations
  • Volume controls


To schedule maintenance on your intercom or paging system contact us.


We hold high standards for all of our paging and intercom systems, which is why we have highly trained expert technicians who can work on all types of high-end systems, which include:

  • Dukane
  • Valcom
  • Bogen
  • Aiphone

We have designed, installed, and serviced these systems for facilities of all different sizes and understand what it takes to ensure these critical paging and intercom systems are operated as designed. We can also help ensure your staff is properly trained to maximize system operations.


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